Our Mission
Our goal is to provide basic access to mobility for rural Malawians. By empowering and engaging people; Africycle is working to create sustained, responsible development in Africa. Stimulated by the support of Canadians, Africycle's model of development utilizes a holistic strategy to benefit communities as a collective, leveraging the greatest outcome from all resources - money, time and people.
About Africycle
Recognizing need and taking action, Africycle discovered that many people in Africa could not afford available forms of transportation; mini bus, taxi or least of all a private vehicle. Therefore the alternative most people turn to is a bicycle. Simple and cheap to operate, bicycles are an effective way to save significant amounts of time. By providing access to appropriate, affordable bicycles; Africycle is using the bicycle as a tool for change in Africa.


33 Curzon St, Toronto, ON, M4M 3B3

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