Our Mission
ALSO is a safe and caring community learning centre serving adults and families. ALSO builds on individual and family strengths and supports the development of the skills needed for family life, work, training and education. ALSO is about moving forward, making changes and building community.
ALSO's Children's Program and our Reading and Parents Program (RAPP) are set up to support the child's developmental readiness for full time childcare or school. We provide support to parents and children recognizing parents are the child's first and most important teachers. 
ALSO's ASL RAPP website ( provides bilingual language learning tools and resources for families with Deaf children.
About ALSO (Alternative Learning Styles and Outlooks)
Since 1981, ALSO has been delivering literacy support to adults and families in Ottawa. ALSO is a community-based program located in Vanier. ALSO provides service city-wide. 
We are often people's first step towards re-engaging with community, employment and training. We offer one-on-one teaching building on each individual's strengths, supporting them to develop the skills needed for the next step in their journey towards a better life for themselves, and often for their families.
ALSO is about building community, making changes and moving forward. We support the adults and families we work with to get a job, keep a job, prepare for education or training and to support their children's’ successful transition to full time child care or school. 
Our Children's Program provides free, on-site, child care for parents of children accessing program and services in Heartwood House. Our multi age program is available for children ages 6 months to 6 years.
ALSO adopted the Reading and Parents Program (RAPP) from Kingston Literacy over 20 years ago. We offered RAPP to low income and vulnerable families in the Ottawa area by partnering with Community Resource Centers and various family outreach programs. Currently, RAPP is offered to the parents and children participating in our Children's Program.
ASL RAPP provides bilingual language learning tools and resources. It promotes language learning by building the skills of both the parent and the child.  We support Deaf and hard of hearing children (1-7 years) and their parents. ASL RAPP provides parents with the tools to support the ASL language development of their Deaf or hard of hearing children as well as themselves.
ASL RAPP aims to increase family connections and family communication; it allows parents to learn with their child at home; it gives parents the tools they need to support their child’s language learning as well as their own.

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