Our Mission: Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre offers alternative addiction services to women. Amethyst is committed to working with diverse and marginalized groups of women. Our aim is to support women, individually and together, to take control of factors affecting our health and well-being.
Our Philosophy: Amethyst is grounded in the feminist belief that women’s experiences with alcohol, drugs, and gambling cannot be separated from our experiences and status as women. We make direct links between the unequal position of women in society, the various forms of violence against women and substance use and/or problem gambling. A central task of Amethyst is to help women take charge of their lives by ending substance use and/or problem gambling and by making changes that enhance their strengths, their freedom and their choices.
Our Vision: Amethyst aspires to equality and justice for all women. A health service concerned with prevention as well as direct service, Amethyst works toward changing unjust social structures that place women at risk of addiction. We address and communicate the specific ways in which substance use and/or problem gambling affect women’s well-being and why social change is necessary.



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