It’s not easy being a kid today.  The problems they face are complex.

For the first time in decades, today’s generation is expected to be worse off than their parents.  Obesity and inactivity, anxiety and mental health, recreational drug use and alcoholism, hunger and food instability, homelessness and bullying at school all put too many futures at risk.
Many of these problems are compounded by poverty which is considered the biggest obstacle facing our kids today.
That’s why the Boys & Girls Club exists: to bring kids and families together in a community where they feel accepted and welcome—a place where they belong.

At the Boys & Girls Club, we give children and youth the chance to Dream Big.

As part of Canada’s largest child and youth serving agency, The Boys & Girls Club of Niagara is a charitable, community supported organization dedicated to helping children and youth.
As a leading provider of quality programs for children and youth, the Boys & Girls Club of Niagara offers transformative experiences that are accessible, reliable and open to all with a focus on providing safe places where kids can develop confidence, gain skills, and experience success so they can reach their best potential in life.

We can’t do it alone.  We need your help.

Every year, donors like you help the Boys & Girls Club break down barriers by providing financial assistance to kids and their families who need it most, so they can belong to a connected, engaged and healthy community.
As a successful charity for more than 100 years, we rely on generous donations by individuals, businesses, and community partners to help us make Boys & Girls Club programs affordable for everyone.  With your help, we can remain open to all and ensure that no one is turned away from our services.
By making a donation large or small, you can join hundreds of Boys & Girls Club supporters, who believe in creating opportunities for a better life for children and youth.  Everyone has a role to play, and every gift makes a difference.
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