Our Mission
To work towards the awareness, understanding, stewardship and enhancement of our watershed resources for the benefit of the natural environment in partnership with our municipalities and our community.
Since 1958, the Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority (CLOCA) has been working to promote conservation, restoration, development and management of natural resources on a watershed basis. In partnership with local municipalities, CLOCA provides environmental input and assesses development applications using a broad knowledge of local natural heritage information gathered over the years. CLOCA has also been protecting areas of natural significance through direct ownership as well as through donation. Currently, CLOCA owns over 1700 hectares of conservation land in an effort to protect significant wetlands, valleylands, forest, meadows, groundwater resources, aquatic environments, important wildlife habitats and to enhance the biodiversity of south Durham Region.
Education Provide education and information about conservation and the environment with hands-on learning opportunities.
Flood Forecasting & Warning Provide a flood warning program and emergency procedures. Provide continuous water level monitoring or watercourses, computerized flood forecasting and monitoring of snow condition and potential runoff problems within the watershed.
Land & Water Conservation Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority undertakes a range of programs aimed at improving land and water conservation within its watersheds. These programs include the management of its own lands, the inventory, evaluation and management of watershed resources and the monitoring of components of the natural environment to determine trends of watershed health.
Development Review & Regulation/Permits Provide land use planning input and review and provide administration of Conservation Authority's Fill, Construction, Alteration to Watercourse Regulations.
Stewardship Undertake programs to promote natural heritage stewardship throughout the watershed. Provides technical advisory services to assist landowners and groups undertaking habitat restoration or enhancement projects.
Volunteer Program Participate in fund raising events, natural resource inventories, tour guides, organize stream/areas clean-ups, and much more.Read more



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