Promoting Japanese culture and activities in Hamilton since 1978.
The Canadian Japanese Cultural Centre of Hamilton (CJCC) is a registered charity (CRA #130978885 RR0001) whose purpose is to ncourage and co-ordinate cultural activities which are essentially of Japanese origin. These include japanese language instruction, Japanese dancing (odori), Japanese flower arranging (ikebana), martial arts, and other activities. It also provides a space for fellow Canadians with similar interests in Japanese cultural activities to meet each other.
The CJCC was founded by a group of like-minded Japanese Canadians who wished to preserve their Japanese heritage for future generations. This group were mostly Canadian born and interned during World War II. Hamilton was one of the few cities that did not put a “cap” on the number of Japanese who forced to relocate east of the Rockies after the war.
Originally located at “Onteora” school, the current location was purchased after a major fundraising drive within the community, supplemented by redress money from the federal government, and included the assistance from the National Association of Japanese Canadians.
CJCC recently received a commendation from the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Japan) for its promotion of Japanese culture in Canada. It is primarily run by volunteers.



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