Our Mission
Community Living Windsor is an organization of people committed to advocating for and supporting persons who have an intellectual disability to live and fully participate in all aspects of community life.
It is our mission to ensure that all persons are fully respected and treated equally as citizens and members of families and community. Each person will be assisted, in accordance with their individual needs, to act and have control over their own lives and to accept responsibility for their actions. Services provided shall support individuals on the basis of their own unique needs and abilities.
Community Living Windsor is committed to encourage each person's sense of self-worth, confidence and continuing development.
About Community Living Windsor
Community Living Windsor is a not-for-profit organization that provides supports and services to individuals who have an intellectual disability and their families. Our role is to assist people to live and grow as citizens of their community by facilitating opportunities for living in real homes, learning in regular classrooms and working in real jobs. Formed in 1952, our range of supports today encompass areas such as supported community homes, supported independent living, family support programs, employment training, advocacy, recreation and leisure programs.
Capacita is an intiative of Community Living Windsor that provides medical aid and anti-convulsant medication to people with disabilities in Nicaragua...the poorest of the poor. Founded in 2000, this humanitarian effort also supports the development of family networks in advocating for a system to provide greater care for their vulnerable children.Read more



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