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For the past ten years, Thunder Bay has been dominated by negative news headlines about the indigenous population. In the past ten years, seven indigenous youth have returned home in coffins.  These headlines have forced communities to pull their youth out of Thunder Bay in fear of losing another student life. Our school has had its share of tragedy and trying circumstances, but there are also a lot of good things that have and continue to happen at DFC.
 The staff and students have for years been used to receiving other people’s hand me downs. The school sat empty for years because the public board no longer thought it was useable. We now suffer from leaky roofs, an outdated heating system that is unreliable, asbestos, and various other problems. These students are sacrificing everything to come to school here. We are only asking that our students receive a school that is on par with every other student living in Thunder Bay. 
A major reason that kids find themselves in bad situations is that they are going through something and do not have the proper supports in place, supports that the majority of Canadians take for granted.
 Our kids come to Thunder Bay knowing very few people. It is hard enough to fit in and discover yourself, now imagine having to do that while away from everything you know.  Now, imagine having to do all of that as a thirteen-year-old kid. When arriving in Thunder Bay, our students are put in boarding home, often with people that they do not know. This often leads to the students not feeling entirely comfortable or having their own space as they develop through their formative years. 
We are determined to get a new school. The students and staff have gone above and beyond to make this a reality. We feel that we are close to achieving our dream, but we also know that we will have to raise some capital to make this a dream a reality. Please donate to help our students receive a place they can call home. 

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