Our Mission
Erie Wildlife Rescue's (EWR) purpose is to promote and encourage the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wildlife; to educate the general public in the appreciation of wildlife and the problems created by interaction with humans. We will carry out our mission efficiently, safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.
Erie Wildlife Rescue (EWR) is a volunteer-based registered charity, incorporated in 1979. For 40 years, EWR has been providing rehabilitation services to all species of wildlife native to southwestern Ontario.
EWR members are dedicated to the treatment and temporary care of injured or orphaned native wildlife, and the subsequent release of healthy animals into appropriate habitats in the wild. We educate the public, promote the value of wildlife and the environment, and encourage positive interactions between people and wildlife. We serve not just the needs of wildlife, but also the needs of the public who ask for our assistance. EWR volunteers answer thousands of inquiries each year. The concerns expressed by these callers may be for the wildlife itself, for personal safety, or for the safety of property. Over 500 birds, mammals and reptiles received treatment from EWR in 2018.  EWR receives NO operating funds from the government. Your donations will contribute to the purchase of food, caging, medical supplies and services for wildlife in need of care.


11168 Tecumseh Rd E, WINDSOR, ON, N8R 1A8

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