Our Mission
The fundamental strategy of ER is to mobilize the necessities of life to the suffering people of the international community in addition to assisting them to develop life skills.  It is these “physical” resources that are most needed but not usually funded. Human resources to distribute physical resources are most often available either through the domestic community or through other international charities established in the particular area. ER seeks to link the physical resources with the existing channels to deliver them to those who are suffering.
Through this strategy, pioneered by Extreme Response International in the United States, ER can be responsive to situations but avoid the administration of setting up complete response programs staffed and delivered entirely by ER. This not only reduces time and cost but also allows ER to be flexible and responsive to more needs. Many charities are established to carry out specific programs in foreign jurisdictions and are unable to fund additional programs of a sudden or extreme nature, yet they have the persons on site to be the entry point for resources that ER is able to provide.
ER will provide specific resources through agents to other charities that will undertake the distribution and delivery to specified people groups. Funds will not be provided to any other charity so that the necessity of entering into intermediary arrangements for the management of complete projects will not be necessary.
Extreme Response was founded in 2001 as a nonprofit, global organization dedicated to providing relief and support to people living in extreme, often life-threatening conditions. With a passion for the world's poor, Extreme Response programs target those at greatest risk. Priority areas of program support focus on addressing the most immediate and critical physical needs and include:
Providing shelter for those with no home.
Providing school supplies and education for those who want more opportunities.
Providing food for those who are hungry.
Providing love for those who need a hug and encouragement.
Providing life-skills training for those who will soon be left to fend for themselves.
No Home, No Hope, No Help ... EXTREME RESPONSE is there
Extreme Response Canada was approved as a registered Charity in Canada by the Canada Revenue Agency in 2006Read more



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