Fresh Fire Apostolic Ministries (FFAM) [formerly Shammah Outreach Ministries] is birthed from an extension of the vision the Lord gave in 2013; with a renewed heightened mandate and mantle to carry out in this next wave of the coming revival. It’s a Kingdom ministry with a humble directive called to bring revival through the call to repentance, and further bring healing and deliverance to the community, regions and the nations, and to prepare the universal bride of Christ for the return of our glorious Bridegroom King Jesus according to Revelations 22:17. 
Fresh Fire Apostolic Ministries is a five-fold apostolic and prophetic ministry committed to empower the body of Christ through powerful teachings, training, and equip so the saints can walk in the fullness of their God-given destinies and through the Lord’s mandated command of the Great Commission with unlimited demonstration of His power in healings, miracles, signs and wonders.  We leave the church building to reach the streets of our local communities to do outreach - bring the good news of the Gospel, give food, clothing, and needs to those that are in need and pray for the brokenhearted.



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