Since our founding in 1989, the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard (GEFC) has been a critical part of the social infrastructure in east Ottawa, providing up to 3,600 residents a year with emergency food.
We believe in providing healthy food and the dignity of choice. Working with our community we provide lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy children’s snacks,  and culturally appropriate foods such as halal meats, cornmeal and dry beans.
Recognizing that there are many ways to support food security, we also established our own farm plot at the Just Food Farm to engage the community in growing fresh food to share and programs that help people grow their own food.
Our Mission
Our mission is to alleviate food insecurity in our community by working together to create opportunities to access and share good food. We do this through innovative food programming, partnerships, and civic engagement.

Our Vision
We envision a resilient, connected and vibrant community where everyone has access to good food.


2040 prom Arrowsmith Dr., Ottawa (Gloucester), ON, K1J 8V9

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