In His Footprints is a Christ-centered ministry serving in Armenia, Belize.    It is officially registered as a nonprofit organization in Canada and Belize.    In July 2022, IHF will celebrated its fourteenth anniversary.
Facing high levels of unemployment and affordable post-elementary education costs, most Belizean youth are hopelessly entrapped in systemic, generational poverty. 
Through Christ-like mentorship, IHF restores hope by empowering them through:

Trade Skills Training: (carpentry, welding, hair-cutting, baking, small engines, etc)
High School Sponsorship Programs

IHF is also engaged in community outreach programs involving local youth and international volunteers.
They include:

hospice care for the poor, sick and elderly
environmental stewardship: community cleanup projects
teaching/tutoring at village pre/grade school
orphanage support
hosting youth retreats
hosting hygiene and nutrition clinics

To ensure donor accountability, Canadian operational costs are minimized by being a volunteer driven, 'on line', micro-ministry. Belize is similar with the exception of the modest wages of our ministry leader.
To foster self-sustainability in Belize, IHF:

is governed by a Belize board comprised of Christian educators, community leaders and businessmen.       
creates entrepreneurial opportunities by producing marketable products through its job skills programs.
holds local fundraising events in support of additional youth being enrolled in job skills and high school programs
cultivates its acreage in eco-sensitive ways growing healthy, nutritional food

Care to Help Fulfill Our Mandate?
Besides your prayers, if you wish to support IHF financially, three options are available to you:
1. General Donation
    Donations are directed towards the ongoing operations of the ministry
2. Job Skills Training
Donations are directed towards teaching village youth specific job skills.
Courses include: baking, carpentry, haircutting, small engine repair, market gardening.                                       
3. Student Sponsorships
Lacking government support, high school tuition costs are far beyond what  most villagers to afford. 
IHF offers high school sponsorships to promising graduates of our job skills programs.                 
4. Food Security
IHF offers immediate assistance for natural disasters including pandemics, hurricanes, flooding, droughts, fires etc.
We are addressing long term food security through planting market gardens, fruit trees, and raising poultry in the village and on our base.
5. Village Outreaches
IHF is engaged in a number of ongoing outreaches in our village:
*Bread and Honey: This includes hospice care for the sick and elderly as well as supplying the needs for very poor.
*Clean Drinking Water: Using portable filtrations systems, IHF is able to purify potable water tanks in the village to supply clean drinking water.
*Educational Support: IHF has established a long term relationship with the village primary and elementary schools. Our international guests have taught classes, tutored special needs students, provided much needed supplies and equipment and much more.
*Girl's Home: IHF is a welcomed guest at a home for girls rescued from very abusive situations.
*VBS and Youth Retreats: IHF is welcomed in village churches to provide exciting presentations, children's programs, and youth retreats.
5. Emmanuel Community Fund
This is a specially designated outreach to provide adequate housing and ongoing food assistance to a tragic family situation in the Armenia village.                                                                                  
If you wish to find out more about IHF:
Facebook: In His Footprint Ministries
or contact us at [email protected].
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