The guests at the Inn Out of the Cold may look a little unkempt at times and initially may not seem very approachable. Living on the street does not give them the benefit of a daily shower. A few have physical and mental health problems. Nearly all lack the support of family and friends and are desperately in need of a friendly smile and a helping hand. Homelessness is not just a problem in bigger cities. The problem exists in St Thomas and Elgin County as well. There are many local agencies that offer support to the homeless, but for a variety of reasons the homeless cannot always go to these agencies. The lack of emergency shelter for men and women was a growing concern in our community. Before the creation of the Inn Out of the Cold there were no emergency shelters for adults 18 and up in St. Thomas and all of Elgin County. The lack of emergency housing often results in people having to leave their employment or quit their schooling in order to find housing in our area.​
The Inn provides supplies such as shelter, hot meals, showers and clothing for up to 300 different individuals and families. Our program has expanded to serving men and women, some were needing warmth and shelter; others were needing clothing and personal items. All needed food.
We recognize that this is not a solution to the problem of homelessness but rather an aid to help cope with it.



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