Celebrating its 27th Anniversary in 2018, the Kincardine Summer Music Festival is a world-class concert series featuring Jazz, Blues, Classical, World and Chamber Music performances combined with music education programs to produce a unique musical event on the shores of Lake Huron, Ontario.
Evening Concert Series: KSMF presents a fabulous evening concert series. The artists showcased in these concerts are world-class, award-winning professional musicians, the concerts are always fabulous. For a list of these amazing artists over the years, please visit
4 O’CLock in the Park Free Concert Series: KSMF offers a series of 6 free one-hour afternoon concerts in Victoria Park, downtown Kincardine. Taking place Sunday to Friday the second week of August, these concerts complement the Evening Concert Series and feature professional local musicians and ensembles.
Bring the family and relax to exceptional musical entertainment, shop down the main street or enjoy a delicious dinner in one of Kincardine’s many excellent restaurants, and then take in an amazing evening concert starting at 7:30 pm.
At the same time, KSMF offers Music Education Programs for everyone from age 7 to adult, from beginners to advanced levels. Beginning students can learn to play an instrument. Experienced students are provided with the opportunity to develop their skills. Advanced students can challenge themselves in the Senior level programs.Registration includes tickets to the Evening Concert Series.Often compared to immersion programs, students find that a week at the Festival accelerates their learning skills dramatically.
KSMF welcomes adult students, and many have enjoyed learning a new instrument, or taking the time to polish skills.
Many families have planned their holidays around the programs, and formed new friendships at the Festival.
KSMF offers the opportunity to meet and learn from world-class artists during the day, attend their concerts in the evening, and grow to know and appreciate these performers in person.
Since 1992, KSMF has been leading the listening public and music students toward the personal experience of music as a vehicle for growth, expression and enjoyment. KSMF has grown to be one of the largest music festivals in Ontario. KSMF is a not-for-profit Registered Charitable Corporation. Our students and audience are people of all ages and a wide range of musical abilities and experience.Read more



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