KIREA has two main objectives:
1. International Development (Relief of Poverty) 2. Educational Assistance
The organization aids in the relief of poverty in developing nations by providing food and other basic supplies to persons in need.
Our mandate is as follows and we are currently engaged in the following activities in India, Pakistan, and East Africa:
1. Provide food rations and/or clothing to the very poor or needy people. 2. Provide financial assistance to individuals to start their own small business to enable them to make a living for their family. 3. Provide special occasion dinners (Christmas, Eid, other religious festivals) to: orphanages, low income boarding schools for children, public school boardings, churches, mosques, and temples in poor neighbourhoods of the city. 4. Provide money for medical fees and bills to those who cannot afford these. 5. Provide monetary assistance to Orphanages to buy supplies, furniture, medicines, space, and any other required child-care needs. 6. Provide financial assistance to widows who are not able to make ends meet. 7. Provide financial assistance for International disaster relief.
Educational Assistance:
1. To financially assist Educational Institutions to provide textbooks, school supplies, and space to students attending the school. 2. To financially assist in the educational needs of students in developing nations who are in need by providing tuition fees, boarding expenses, textbook expenses, and/or travel expenses to their home town.
The students for sponsorship/scholarship for higher education are selected based on the following criteria:
1. Qualifying students must have shown potential for higher education and must have been accepted at a University or Collage in an accredited program. This potential is assessed by personal contact with the student by one of the Board members or by the administration of the school with consult from the teachers. 2. Qualifying students must have shown a need for financial assistance. 3. Qualifying students must also contribute up to 30% of the cost of their education per year. KIREA will award up to 70% of the student's yearly expenses. Under extraneous circumstances, a greater contribution may be made by KIREA. 4. The student's tuition fees, accommodations fees, books fees, and any other education related expenses for University are paid directly to the University the student is attending. 5. We also pay tuition fees for students who are attending High School when we are approached by the administration of the high school. Again, the fees are paid directly to the School by our agent in the city of the High School.
Students for our assistance are selected by the KIREA Board members and the agents of KIREA on the ground.
We believe education is the key to the future prosperity of individuals and the communities they live in and as such we are committed to helping individuals who have shown potential to succeed in their endeavours.Read more



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