Star Academy was founded in 1997 with a goal of helping children Learn to Love to Learn™.  Coming out of the pandemic, learning gaps and challenges exist in ways that are unprecedented as children return to school with social-emotional gaps, anxiety and fear from the pandemic lifestyle that has dominated our lives since March 2020. 
Your influence can:

Help a child receive tools necessary to be successful at school.
Provide resources for parents and professionals to understand and support.
Develop a stronger community through understanding one another and different learning styles.

Let’s help children succeed.
Sick Kids Hospital research discovered that from the pandemic, ‘Among 2,206 participants…a strong association between time spent online learning and depression and anxiety in school-age children (six to 18 years old). The more time students spent online learning, the more symptoms of depression and anxiety they experienced.’ There is no time like now for educators to develop teaching and learning to support the wellness of our children, developing the skills to be successful in school and in life.
Star Academy's Learn to Love to Learn Foundation's mission is dedicated to the holistic wellness of children and mindful learning that nurtures and enriches each child’s development and educational journey.  The Foundaiton prioritizes the wellness of children under the guidance of Star Academy’s five Pillars and through the Learn to Love to Learn™ philosophy.Read more



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