NEXIM International Development Organization (NIDO) - is an international social enterprise, encouraging local communities in Uganda to put our resources together to build and furnish public schools.
We began our non-profit building work with our partners at Cambridge Secondary School (Kampala, Uganda). We have also constructed a library, a computer lab and a boys’ dormitory for the school, and helped to provide sustainable energy technology. NIDO recently completed the construction of Mother Kevin Primary School (Kampala, Uganda). 
Suubi means 'hope' in the Luganda language. The Suubi Music and Dance Troupe is the brain child of the school's founder, Mrs. Kevin Kalule. It has grown into a passion and purpose for our young Ugandan performers.
The Suubi Fusion Troupe has blossomed into a full-fledged touring group which now has a full time dance and music teacher. Talented music students who are able to access scholarships from the school and had earned the opportunity to perform in Uganda and internationally.
Suubi has been travelling to Canada annually but due to the global pandemic touring has been cancelled indefinitely.  As a result, NIDO has sought to find innovative ways to continually support access to education and human rights. Suubi's first virtual concert PEARLS OF AFRICA: HOPE ARISING seeks to continue the culture exchange and fundraising which accompanied performing internationally. Currently, we are seeking investment to supplement a vocational nursing school scholarship fund.
In Canada, we have focused on efforts on supporting social injustice efforts through an online webinar series called Knowledge Box. The Knowledge Box aims to empower women and marginalized youth; providing each participant with an edge in their personal development and the keys to financial independence through financial literacy. Our Knowledge Box Speakers consist of experienced financial professionals and successful careers in the corporate world; bringing to our webinar series a wealth of proven insight and experience. Ultimately, our belief is that upon completion of the webinar series Knowledge Box Scholars will ascertain the keys to unlock and achieve their financial goals. We are committed to finding ways to inspire Women and BiPoc youth to pursue financial industry careers like accounting, real estate, investment banking and more. 
• Provide FREE webinars covering a range of financial literacy topics, including: Retail Banking, Intro To Investing, Personal Tax Planning, Mortgages, Leverage, Stock Investments, Cross Generational Wealth Protection Tools, Will and Testament, POA’s & creating Personal/Family Financial Goals.
• Encouraging Equitable Entrepreneurship – through focused efforts to primarily share entrepreneurship principles and strategies with BiPoc youth and ALL women. Our speakers will discuss essential start up business challenges like pricing, creating cost cards, break even, business plans, pitching, and assistance with finding / applying for payroll support to help pay payroll in the initial stages of a business.
• Supporting Social Justice & Financial Independence through financial literacy webinars, resources and insight from our Knowledge Box Speakers.
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