Resolve Counselling Services Canada provides supportive counselling at little or no cost to more than 7,000 individuals each year in communities across South Eastern Ontario. Our counsellors help individuals, families, children and youth overcome adverse barriers in their daily lives and provide an invaluable service to the communities we serve.
We believe that the ability to afford supportive counselling should not be a barrier to individuals seeking to improve their overall quality of life. Sadly, however, most of our counselling programs experience lengthy client wait times or risk being cancelled altogether due to funding shortages.
 Your Donation Will Help Provide:

a family an opportunity to learn how to communicate with each other
a child an opportunity to fall asleep peacefully without parents fighting
a couple an opportunity to work on a toxic relationship
a teenager an opportunity to discuss peer pressure, bullying, emotions, and anxiety
a single parent a chance to learn how to cope with everyday challenges
an individual or family struggling to make ends meet, assistance with debt management and budgeting
a woman a safe place to discuss a violent relationship

 Thank you for caring.
"People start to heal the moment they feel heard."   -Cheryl RichardsonRead more



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