To provide emotional and financial assistance to destitute children -- who live at slum areas in Manila, Philippines and whose parents are afflicted with AIDS or died of AIDS-related illness -- with their educational and basic needs.
The Rodel Naval AIDS Care Outreach (RoNACO) reach out to individuals -- regardless of race, creed, and religion.
RoNaCO does not receive any fundings or grants from either federal or provincial governments of Canada. RoNACO depends entirely on donations.
In keeping with our brother's wish, RoNACO was founded on August 22, 1996 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Then on June 6, 2007, the name was changed to Rodel Naval Care Outreach (RoNaCO -- Note: upper case 'A' is changed to lower case 'a') so that the program could be expanded to include poverty-stricken families living in the slums.
As the main office is in Canada, the River of Joy Christian Fellowship Church is helping RoNaCO in running its program in the Philippines. The Church is situated at Rizal Avenue, Sta. Cruz which is where the concentrated slum areas in Manila. There, Pastor Charlie Ferrera and his wife Maggie, along with their three daugters and some church members, work tirelessly in the slums. Maggie coordinated the volunteers both of RoNaCO and church members. Most of the volunteers are also very poor but in spite of this, they are happy to serve the Lord.
One of their programs is Kids Bible Studies on the Sidewalk, held near a railroad tracks, on Saturday nights at 6 pm when stores closed. Many of them go to bed hungry, so we help nourish them physically as well as spiritually. Feeding them one meal or snacks once or twice a week is barely enough but that is the least we can do.
Our aim for these children is to break the cycle of poverty. Can we break the cycle? Only by God's grace and with the help of those who care.Many may express sympathy in words, but words without works have no value. There many not be an instant solution to the world poverty, but we can make a difference ... one child a a time.  
ABOUT THE CURRENT PROBLEM WORLDWIDE: COVID-19 PANDEMIC (Please see the attached collage pictures which includes a short message from Ptr. Charlie)Read more



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