Our purpose at the Shalem Mental Health Network Foundation is to strengthen support and create growth in the Shalem Mental Health Network through donations.

Your donations will enable the Shalem Mental Health Network to continue providing quality counselling and support programs – accompanying individuals, couples, families and communities as they journey towards emotional health and mental wellness.
Your support will enable it to continue to provide quality counselling and community support programs.
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About Shalem Mental Health Network
At Shalem, we walk alongside those in pain, those on the margins, who are suffering or isolated, and those facing the stigma of mental health and “brokenness”. We are a faith-based, inclusive Ontario-wide network, with headquarters in Hamilton, that provides responsive and preventative mental health support to individuals, families and communities. Our support services seek to restore hope through these initiatives:

Shalem Counselling Services (greater Hamilton region) for individuals, families and couples.
Congregational Assistance Plan (CAP) and Clergy Care (Ontario and beyond) – Similar to employment assistance plan, we help churches that need professional help within their congregation by offering them professional counselling and other mental health support services. We also understand church communities may know very little about mental health. Therefore, we normalize the conversations and provide the necessary support.
Restorative Practice Services (Ontario and beyond) – We help communities navigate difficult situations and conversations by creating a safe environment where everyone has a seat at the table and can be heard.
RE-create – Is a unique art therapya and outreach program for street-involved youth.
WrapAround Services (Ontario and beyond) – Is a community-based life planning process aimed at supporting families and individuals facing multiple barriers.

Our history runs deep within Hamilton and in Ontario. Shalem was originally incorporated as the Salem Christian Sanatorium Inc. Beginning in the 1960s, after legally changing its name to “Salem Christian Mental Health Association”, Salem opened up numerous counselling clinics across Ontario.
Today, with a revised name, the Shalem Mental Health Network offers new, community-based ways of reaching out to the very people envisioned by the organization’s founders.Read more



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