As the creator of the Shania Kids Can charitable foundation, I would like to explain my purpose behind this effort.
I know that not all children in our schools receive the same level of love, nurturing, guidance and stability in their personal lives. Many young students are less fortunate and experience daily life without the personal care that meets the basic needs essential for proper physical and mental health. In many cases the need for basic necessities goes unnoticed by others.
Most schools currently have special needs programs for children with learning and behavior disorders. Most schools don’t have aid and support for children who may not have a learning disability but are still challenged with daily school life for reasons that can be associated with challenges in their personal lives. These are the children that suffer in silence.
The goal of Shania Kids Can is to create SKC Clubhouses within primary schools that will recognize and assist students who may face difficulty in their home life and whose families may not qualify for social assistance. These are children who may be experiencing unintentional abuse or neglect outside of school that may not be obvious but whose social and educational experience at school is affected due to personal life issues which are out of their control.
I believe very strongly that if we support our children at the primary age by teaching them to become responsible, confident, proactive members of their school community, they will have a much better chance at personal success in the future despite personal setbacks. These children can grow to be positive contributors to society rather than becoming a statistic and a burden on society. These students need to know that they are understood and that they CAN overcome the disadvantages in their personal lives. It is unacceptable for us to stand by and watch any child in this modern day society suffer right before our eyes when there is something we CAN do about it.
The SKC Clubhouse will pick up the ball in a young child’s life when it has been dropped: Shania Kids Can will fill in the gaps so the child can participate in more and feel included in the school community through the SKC Clubhouses.
I know these kids CAN do it, and we CAN help them.
I hope we CAN rely on you to help support.
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