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The Sharon Temple National Historic Site and Museum was designated a site of national significance in 1990 by Parks Canada. In 2006, the Toronto Star named the Sharon Temple one of the 10 most architecturally important buildings in Canada.
Long recognized for its beauty, the Sharon Temple was acquired and restored in 1917. The Temple and seven other historical buildings and dwellings, along with a permanent collection of some 6000 artifacts, are managed by the Sharon Temple Museum Society.
Motivated by the legacy of the Children of Peace and the singular beauty of their creation, the Sharon Temple, the members and supporters of the Sharon Temple Museum Society preserve and celebrate the architectural, economic, cultural and political contributions of the Children of Peace to Canadian society.
The Children of Peace, a “plain folk” of former Quakers, established the village of Hope (now known as Sharon) north of Newmarket, Ontario. The Sharon Temple, built in imitation of Solomon’s Temple between 1825 and 1831, and a central feature of the village of Hope, architecturally represented their vision of a society based on the values of peace, equality and social justice. The Children of Peace established the country’s first farmers’ co-operative and built its first shelter for the homeless. They played a key role in the development of democracy by ensuring the elections of William Lyon Mackenzie and both “fathers of responsible government,” Robert Baldwin and Louis LaFontaine. The Children of Peace disbanded in 1889.
Thank you for your interest in helping us preserve the Sharon Temple National Historic Site and Museum so that we can continue to offer enlightened and inspired public programs.
The Sharon Temple represents many things. To some, it represents one of the finest and most unique examples of Canadian architecture. To others, the Temple stands as a beacon to the values that Canada has become known for around the world; those of equality and social justice. And still to others, the Temple represents the importance of preserving our past so that future generations may learn from it and be inspired by it.
Regardless of what has led you to help the Sharon Temple Museum Society preserve and enhance the legacy of this remarkable site, we very much appreciate your gift and thank you for your generous support.Read more


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