Mission: The SFOA aims to meet the needs of people with autism and the needs of their families while promoting their interests.
Summer camps: The SFOA offers diversified programs for families with children, adolescents and adults who are on the autism spectrum. During the summer period, we offer three summer camps: Autour du monde, Programme estival de l'Avenir and Été Fou.These summer camps are able to meet the needs of any person with autism, regardless of age or need.
Programs: During the year, we offer three weekend programs: Sam-dit-Turbos, Samedi-fou and Par ici, la sortie. These weekly programs meet the needs of autistic children and adolescents in terms of verbal and non-verbal communication, social interaction, motor skills, self-expression, stimulation of creative energy, listening and concentration.


105-240 boulevard Centrum, OTTAWA, ON, K1E 3J4

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