Our Canadian Registered Charity#801572736RR0001, Socio-Economic And Environmental Development Solutions(SEEDS) is building sustainable community based seed banks and tree nursery's to provide critical seeds to home based vegetable gardens, implement local reforestation programme's, and develop tree planting programme's to support elephants in Zambia Africa. We started in August 2011 and have sent over 6 million, NON GMO, fruit and vegetable seeds to Barotseland Zambia for the people to grow food.
In April 2014 we built a resource garden, complete with drip irrigation, and a tree nursery at our Resource Centre in Mongu Barotseland. We have sent over 6 million vegetable and fruit tree seeds, collected in Canada, and so far have handed them out in seven cities in Zambia which are Mongu, Kalabo, Kaoma, Sioma & the Lundazi District of Northern Province and our newest locations Chipata & Katete. We plant our trees in the community and the proceeds go towards helping conservation officers who in turn are helping Elephants. Our hope is to make arrangements with hotels in many cities in Zambia where our volunteer staff could pick up the seeds that would have been thrown out after preparing meals for tourists. They would then be distributed to local impoverished communities for people to grow in their gardens. We provided binders with printed "How to Grow" instructions for all of the vegetable seeds we have sent as they don't have computers to access all of the information online. Our goal is to introduce new varieties of seeds, so people may grow year round and increase vitamin intake, especially vitamin A to decrease instances of blindness.
We hand out non-GMO vegetable seeds and then in return people bring back  seeds they have grown or fallen tree seeds which we plant in our tree nurseries. We call the seeds handed back in "Interest Seed", just like interest in a bank. That is why it is called The Silozi & Ngoni Seed Banks.
If tree seedlings are planted away from villages, Elephants will go there to eat, instead of raiding village gardens. By increasing the diversity of seed and providing food year round, maybe people will not have the need to poach. We grow chili peppers as well to hang around vegetable gardens, to deter elephants from raiding gardens.Read more



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