Our Mission

The mission of the Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc. (SHEN) is to promote, develop and deliver education in the thinking and findings of those enlightened beings (prophets, sages and seers), who have spent their lives studying the nature of humankind and its relationships in the universe.

The peak spiritual experiences of these noble exemplars comprise the core spirituality of all religions and it is totally unifying. By its very nature, it is inclusive of all beings and it is meaningful to all human beings without exception, irrespective of faith or the lack of it.

The summit of spirituality reveals that the universe is an indivisible whole thoroughly pervaded and intimately connected by its ground of being. Natural, life, social, and environmental sciences along with humanities affirm this revelation. SHEN aims to use the combined force of all spiritual traditions and modern secular disciplines in an integrated didactic manner to highlight this core spiritual principle.

SHEN considers core spirituality as the spiritual heritage of humanity and worthy of preservation as well as propagation. Systematic reflection of core spirituality can help promote the feelings of one human family living in the wider world community.

SHEN hopes to achieve its mission with the following objects:
1. Formal and informal education in the spiritual heritage of humanity,
2. Research related with the proposed education,
3. Library of spiritual heritage literature,
4. Public-essay competitions in the area of the spiritual heritage of humankind,
5. Curricula and educational material for all levels from primary schools to university,
6. Bursaries and scholarships for students of spiritual heritage of humanity,
7. Chairs at universities in the field of the spiritual heritage of humankind,
8. Service to the marginalized in society, and
9. Building networks of goodwill with individuals, and organizations.

Spirit being the antonym of matter, the spiritual realm is inclusive and unitive, while the material realm is exclusive and separative. The more spiritual is a thing, the more inclusive and universal it is.

Spiritual light dispels darkness is the operating principle of SHEN. There exists a large amount of ignorance born out of misunderstandings of what religion truly teaches.

Religion is a two-faced institution. One unites and the other divides.

Religion is founded upon one unseen spiritual reality underlying the entire universe. This reality connects us all and defines the unifying face of religion, its core spirituality. Religion also confines this infinite reality in finite forms rendering somebody's God less Godlike, somebody's prophet less prophetic, and another’s community less righteous and deserving. This is the divisive face.

Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc. proposes to use the unifying face to dull the edge of the divisive one.
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