Stevenson Children's Camp provides a residential camp experience to 768 children in the London and surrounding area that would not be given the experience due to financial restrictions. The camp asks families to pay only $20 for the entire week and subsidizes the remaining 95% of the true cost. While at the camp children are given the opportunity to be kids again while leaving the worries of home at the gate. With over 125 acres, children are re-engaged with nature and outdoor activity. Throughout the week campers are engaged in many positive pro-social activities and sports. The campers meals are provided by the camp and strictly follow Canada's Food Guide. Many of our campers are use to eating "quick" unhealthy meals in their daily lives but while at camp they are taught how to eat health.
Our Campers are given appropriate responsibility and are expected to complete chores every day. We hope that by learning new skills in a "safe, fun-filled" environment that they will take these skills and use them in their daily lives.
Social skills are a an important part of camp. While at camp the children are split into age groups and live within their cabin groups of 8 children. It is inevitable that some conflict will arise during the course of a week and staff work to ensure that campers learn appropriate conflict resolution skills. These skills not only help campers while at Stevenson but they are able to use them when they return to school and experience conflict there.
Stevenson Children's Camp is committed to continuing to help children in our community receive a positive camp experience. Will you help us meet that mission?


P O BOX 39020, LONDON, ON, N5Y 5L1

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