Since 1991, The Centre for Dreams has played an important role in working towards a more inclusive community for individuals living with a developmental disability. Our educational day program, which operates out of Markham, provides a much needed service after adults turn the age of 21 and no longer supported through the public school system. There is currently a huge discrepancy in the disability sector as the numbers of individuals on a wait list continue to grow, while the resources available for them lessen.  The Centre for Dreams is about helping these individuals to live their dream and further their life skills, social skills and job abilities so that they are able to live more independently. We have formed a culture here that is safe, interactive and fosters their needs to help them achieve their goals.   We are One Community with Countless Dreams!
The Centre for Dreams is a day program dedicated to providing a curriculum designed specifically for adults living with a developmental disability. We provide these special individuals with educational programs and social skills training with the hopes of integrating them into the community - both independently and confidently. We want to ensure that they will become productive, independent, dignified and respected members therein.
We are dedicated to providing the opportunities and the means for our youth and adult members to focus on their abilities and not their disabilities through educational, social and life skill programs. 
At The Centre for Dreams, we strive to help our members fulfill their goals and dreams and let them decide what is best for them. We offer a diverse and interactive learning environment, providing educational and social skill services to enhance the confidence and independence of our members.
Belonging is about more than just fitting in.  It's also about defining yourself and finding your purpose.  The Centre for Dreams gives its members the flexibility and support to explore opportunities, gain new skills and leverage their talents.  Our training and mentorship programs are developed to help them excel which is a key part of our commitment to working together as one team.
Our programs are adapted to meet the needs of each individual taking into consideration their abilities and their interests.  We provide opportunities for each of our members to develop a full range of social, personal and vocation skills.Read more



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