Coping Bereavement Support Groups of Ontario Inc. was founded 21 years ago by Glenn and Roslyn Crichton after the loss of their daughter, Rachele, aged 5. A passion to help and support others in grief birthed this organization which was incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization in 1994 (Registration #1002955-59). The headquarters for COPING is at the COPING CENTRE in Cambridge, Ontario. There are 7 branches of coping across Canada. Grief is still a taboo subject in our community and not talked about in an open way, leaving the bereaved feeling alone and isolated.
COPING is devoted to companioning bereaved people in their individual journeys of grief. A variety of programs have been developed to create ways through which people can express and work through their grief. There is no cost to the participants for any of the support programs. COPING provides a safe place for people to express their feelings, learn about mourning and gain tools to help them cope with their loss and slowly begin to reinvest in life again. We have seen that if people mourn well they can live well and love well again!
Another mandate of COPING is to educate the general public about the experience of grief, the process of mourning and inform people how they can help those who have lost someone loved. One of the difficult issues for grieving people is that often they are not understood in their grief.
COPING offers support groups for children 4 to 12 years old, teens, young adults and adults, including groups for those who have suffered a loss through suicide. Weekend retreats are offered for bereaved parents and widows. In summer, an Adventure Camp provides a unique way to support grieving children. This the only camp in Canada we know of that operates exclusively for bereaved children.
Often when bereaved people are not supported adequately in their grief there are a variety of consequences, such as incapacity to reinvest in life, reduced productivity at work, relationship problems, unresolved anger and depression. Unfortunately, some turn to drugs and alcohol, which can lead to serious issues in our society. Obviously such consequences can significantly influence families and businesses in our society.
Many of the families that come to COPING are already exhausted and financially stressed after surviving a lengthy illness with their loved one. Their relief is sometimes palpable when they hear that there is no cost for our programs. That is why so many medical professionals, teachers and clergy are glad to be able to refer to Coping. Grief is still very much a taboo subject in our society and this is one of the reasons it is not always easy for us to secure funding.
Thank you so much for your favorable consideration.
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