The Magenta Foundation is a trailblazing charitable arts-publishing house that consistently showcases the work of talented artists on a global scale, drawing attention to under-represented and emerging artists with powerful exhibitions and a roster of impressive international publications.
Your donations make a direct impact on our programming. In our pioneering nationwide Flash Forward Incubator program (more below) 78% of programming helps underserved communities. When we hold silent auctions, 100% goes back to the schools for art supplies.
Our unique arts programs for emerging artists and high school students allows us to foster the future talent in Canada coast to coast. Creating this empowerment allows young people to elevate their abilities for a future in the arts as cultural producers within and beyond their communities. By focusing on the early output of future practitioners, Magenta is committed to cultivating the next generation of artists through producing and exhibiting work that will potentially inform a lifelong practice.
Magenta has continued to evolve by finding new and innovative ways to connect artists to the global arts world through digital technologies. Our work is guided by four strategic pillars: Exhibitions & Events, Learning & Outreach, Print & Digital Publications, and Community & Partnerships.
Under the Magenta umbrella, there is something for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by.The Magenta Foundation is based in Toronto, Ontario — our Incubator Program is currently implemented nationwide.



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