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The mandate of The Minstrel Foundation is to fund music & arts programs and music camps and provide scholarships for advanced study for youth in Toronto's inner city and new immigrant communities. Our students use music as the cornerstone for academic success and personal development and achievement in whatever life's endeavors they choose.
The Minstrel Foundation was founded in 1998 to support youth in financial need who love music and the arts. Through programs we sponsor at community centres, schools and summer camps our dollars make a difference by teaching everything from violin to piano to ballet. Our support does not end with lessons. We pay Royal Conservatory exam fees, college and university tuition and private lessons for youth with promise. Many of our “grads” can be found performing on stage, in concert halls and other musical venues. Others have pursued careers in engineering, medicine, business and skilled trades.
Read what our students say about how our programs affect their lives.
Thank-you for the chance to swim in a pond, to have amazing meals, to compose my first song and to make new friends.                  
Music Camp gave us memories and experiences that we will treasure for a lifetime. 
Like many new immigrants to Canada, my parents were in a constant struggle to make sure the bills were paid on time…. Dixon Hall Music School gave me a community where I could feel joy and feel loved by so many people, it gave me a talent that made me feel like I was “worth something” and that I can be proud of myself…..The Foundation has impacted both my young and adult life in a meaningful and fantastic way!
The scholarship was an important part of allowing my family to support the financial aspect of my jazz studies through the Humber Community Music Program, which ultimately allowed me to pursue the career path of music at a post-secondary level. For this, I cannot thank you enough….Thank you so much for your contributions to me and your continuing support of  future generations of young aspiring musicians.Read more


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