The Noble Hearts Foundation was established in 2010 as a vehicle for the ongoing charitable goals and activities of members of The Order of Saint Joachim.
The Order of Saint Joachim was founded in Europe in 1755 with the following purpose: "The Knights solemnly vow to worship the Supreme Being, show tolerance towards all religions, loyalty towards their princes, support the needs of their military, the poor, widows and orphans." More than 250 years later, there continues to be a need for tolerance world wide, and civil war and international conflict continue to produce widows and orphans in need of assistance. The Noble Hearts Foundation has expanded on these original objects to also provide support and assistance to children and young people in need by raising funds through its members and supporters.
The name "Noble Hearts" comes from one of the earliest mottoes of The Order of Saint Joachim - "Nobili Cordi" - which has appeared on the Order's insignia since the late 1700s. It was meant to serve as a constant reminder of our ongoing obligation to assist our fellow human beings in need whenever possible.
We donate to other registered charities, particularly in the areas of international micro-finance organizations and refugee settlement.
The Noble Hearts Foundation is incorporated in the Province of Ontario as a not for profit, non-share capital corporation and is a registered charity with CRA.



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