Throughout the developing world, especially in the rural areas, the combination of poverty and a lack of government services mean that many people, especially women and girls, lack access to education and health care. These conditions are fundamental to perpetuating the cycle of poverty.
The Small Project is a registered Canadian charity whose goal is to improve the lives of people living in Central Kenya. We work to attain this goal in two ways:
1. We offer support to worthy young people for primary, secondary, and post-secondary education. This includes tuition, room and board, uniform and other clothing, school supplies, personal supplies, and travel. We pay all these directly to the school or supplier; only small sums are given to the students or their families.
2. We provide financial support to Communities Health Africa Trust, a grass-roots Kenyan organization that delivers a range of health care services to people living in remote rural communties in Northern Kenya. This includes: basic curative care (for wounds, burns, infections and so on); pre and post natal care; testing for HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB; immunizations; family planning and reproductive health.



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