Our Mission
To build and strengthen our community by bringing people and resources together to facilitate change.
Our Vision
We see a future where people are self-sufficient in a community where individuals live with hope, dignity and a sense of belonging.
What is United Way?

Local: United Way raises funds locally and invests in programs that serve local people. United Way provides expertise about local issues and brings people together to help the most vulnerable and tackle the most pressing social challenges.
Accountable: United Way is accountable – to donors and partners in the community. Accountability and transparency are key values of United Way, making its annual report, financial statements, allocations and grants available and accessible to donors and the public. United Way KFL&A is proud to be recognized by Charity Intelligence as a five-star charity and is on Canada’s Top 100 Rated Charities list.
Meeting immediate needs: The United Way focuses on the most vulnerable members of our community, funding programs in local agencies through grants. United Way works with local agencies to understand and continue to find ways to address immediate needs as they arise.
Collaboratively Addressing root causes: The United Way brings the community together to work collaboratively across sectors to address root causes of issues like youth homelessness, poverty, mental health and food access. The United Way’s focus is on facilitating conversations and working together to develop community plans that focus on prevention, long-term impact and addressing the root causes of local issues.
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