AIM for SEVA (AIM) is a Canadian not-for-profit charity  (BN: 861308906 RR0001), registered in Ontario that is reaching out to the poorest of poor in India by adopting the most effective and sustainable route to reducing poverty: Education.
Poised to become a global economic power, India is faced with an ironical challenge – while on one hand India is prospering leads and bounds, on the other there is a sizeable population, which is untouched by ripples of prosperity. The ever-widening gap between the mainstream and the marginalized has become a silent emergency. Bridging this gap is the calling of AIM for SEVA. AIM for SEVA has achieved Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. This is a testimony to the fact that our team is credible, focused and result-oriented.
Most of the targeted children have a remote possibility of acquiring basic education due to lack of means and inaccessibility of schools. These children are brought under the care of the wardens at student residences, specially built for these children by AIM. These student homes have now become the growing hubs for sustainable change. They are given well rounded education in a compassionate environment: Discipline for success, moral values for upright living and instruction to make them job-ready.  Each child receives free residential accommodation, education, tuitions, vocational training, training in extra-curricular activities like handicrafts, music, dance and sports along with nutritious meals and medical aid. We believe that as citizens of the world, it is our moral obligation to empower those in need by creating sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty. Your sponsorship enables children to study and grow in a supportive and caring environment.
Canadians have donated generously to this cause, by either sponsoring one or more children or funding the construction of student homes/hostels. Canadians are among leading global donors, contributing selflessly to the cause.



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