Canadian Macedonian Place Foundation is a non-profit organization that funds and supports the lifestyle of CMP residents and the Macedonian community at large, including various culturally relevant programs and services including the Canadian Macedonian Historical Society and the Macedonian language program at the University of Toronto.

We play a vital role in support of Macedonian heritage and culture. We strive to bring the Macedonian and Canadian cultures closer together. We wish to create and support community involvement. We show respect, and support the feeling of self-dignity, to all our residents. We help bring a healthy lifestyle to the individuals that reside in CMP. We support and encourage family involvement and care. We value diversity in ethnicity.

Donations, fundraising and volunteering all contribute to the quality lifestyle of our residents. All Proceeds go to the Canadian Macedonian Place and Macedonian programs, clubs and services!

Commemorate a loved one through a tax-deductible donation. Your gift will be recognized in the next issue of the Zdravets newsletter.

The honouree(s) or next of kin will be notified of your generous gift with a special card.
Donations of $5,000. or more are recognized on the beautiful Zdravets Society Donor Wall in the Common area of the CMP.



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