Endless POssibilities And Hope development Organization is a Charitable Organization dedicated to uplifting humanity through, Education, Health, Humanitarian and Philanthropic Works.  Founded in 2003 the organization became a Charitable Organization in 2008 and operates in Canada Ghana and Sierra Leone.  Please visit our website at
Each year we set a target amount to raise to support the work we do.  Our Target this year is $100,000 Canadian Dollars.  What does the money go to support?  Our organization has a global reach with programmes in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Canada. 
IN CANADA:  Our focus in Canada is to provide an opportunity for our youth to develop and become compassionate adults who work to make the world a better place.  As we work with young people from students to graduates and young adults our goal is to raise their consciousness to create a positive world in which each person feels valued and accepted.  We also educate them on the plight of the not so privileged in the world.  We do this through various campaigns, workshops, outreach to homeless youth and more.

IN GHANA:  OUr focus in Ghana is Education and health.  We work in the underprivileged neighborhood where schools are underfunded, through our library and reading clubs children are given the basic tools of reading, we believe once a child is equipped with reading skills they can become positive contributing members of society. Schools take turns visiting our library twice a week, and we have monthly programmes for the group which now has 300 active participating children

IN SIERRA LEONE: We focus on girls and women. with many unemployed women and girls in Sierra Leone, our focus is on equipping them with the tools needed for a better and brighter tomorrow.  Through skill building, leadership development, self-esteem building we are on our way to empower communities to become self-sufficient.

HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT US: You can support us by becoming a sponsor, partner, a monthly donor, a lifetime donor and supporter of our organization.  You can email us at [email protected], click on the donate button and make your donation.

We look forward to traveling on this positive and amazing journey with you, as we affect the world positively, change lives and make a difference.
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