Our Mission
International Rescue's mission is to rescue and save lives, in situations of crisis, using the talents and tools of the principals and volunteers, regardless of how hopeless the situation may seem, anywhere in the world where they are needed.
International Rescue (IR) is a private, voluntary, non-political, not-for-profit division of P.R.E.P. Services International (
The primary purpose of IR is to use the expertise, tools, and resources associated with P.R.E.P. Services International to respond to, and assist with, recovery and rescue operations in times of natural, and occasionally man-made, disasters. IR is an outreach effort to save lives when people, or nations, have limited abilities to respond adequately or quickly enough for the welfare of the inhabitants affected. IR endeavours to communicate back to all Canadians its observations and assessments, without bias, such that a clear understanding of the situation can be presented. It is hoped that Canadians will respond with financial assistance, and supplies, and manpower, to sustain the rescue and recovery efforts.


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