Our Mission
Places for People creates and manages quality affordable rental housing in Haliburton County, fostering an environment in which our tenants can thrive.
Places for People is built on the conviction that society thrives when everyone has a place where they belong.
 Belonging is a three-strand cord: one strand is knowing one has the right to be where one is, the second is feeling that that reality is acknowledged and accepted, and the third is acknowledgement that others have an equal and reciprocal right.
 Belonging in one’s community and society is the foundation for becoming a person who contributes to the greater good.  Housing is a necessary condition for that to happen, but it may not, in itself, be sufficient.  Places for People believes that creating the conditions under which each tenant feels they belong is what transforms housing into a home.
 Creating the reality and feeling of belonging is also what engages the community in joining hearts and hands in making this happen again and again and again.  Places for People believes in the authenticity of community – acknowledging that our well-being is intertwined – as a driver in making the world a better place.


Box 544, Minden, ON, K0M 2K0

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