Running for over twenty years, the Student Evaluation Case Competition is a two-round annual Canadian competition that helps post-secondary students build and showcase their program evaluation skills. Through the use of real-world programs and cases, students work in teams to respond to a request for proposals over a limited time period.
The case competition has two rounds: the preliminary round and the final round. In the preliminary round, teams of students are given a novel request for proposals and have 5.5 hours to prepare a response. Submissions are evaluated by a bilingual panel of three experienced evaluators across Canada. 
The top three teams participate in the final round at the Canadian Evaluation Society Annual Conference, where they are given 5 hours to analyze a new evaluation case. Teams present their response in front of a life audience. 
The Student Evaluation Case Competition is made possible by the generous support of evaluation consulting firms, CES National Council, CES chapters, universities, and individual CES members. Funds raised covers travel allowances to bring the finalist teams to the conference, prizes for competitors, and translation, mailing and other costs associated with the competition.



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