About Us
The Kensington Conservancy is a land trust that works to protect lands and waters by purchasing property, accepting donations of land and through voluntary conservation agreements. These protection methods are all aimed at preserving our precious landscape in perpetuity.

The Kensington Conservancy believes that conservation and preservation can also be achieved through the good stewardship practices of all property owners. We work with local landowners, farmers, governments, schools and other organizations to develop programs that will promote greener and less intensive development, best land and water management practices, invasive species control and low impact recreational activities.

Our membership includes residents of Canada and the United States who represent various interests including permanent and seasonal residents, businesses, government, and the scientific and academic communities. As one of North America’s few bi-national land trusts, The Kensington Conservancy is a registered charity in both Canada and the United States. The conservancy received Canadian charitable status in 2006.
Our Vision
The Kensington Conservancy will work to inspire all members of the St. Joseph Channel community to embrace positive conservation values that will promote the protection and preservation of natural ecosystems for all generations.
Our Mission
The mission of The Kensington Conservancy is the establishment, development, maintenance and management of nature reserves and programs in the St. Joseph Channel for the conservation and preservation of the natural ecosystems.


PO Box 127, Desbarats, ON, P0R 1E0

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